Bobokovi's lobbyists in the United States secured the critical position for Bulgaria of the two US senators

Bobokovi's lobbyists in the United States secured the critical position for Bulgaria of the two US senators
Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi

The specialized American edition Foreign Lobby Report reports in its weekly bulletin that the critical position towards Bulgaria of the two American senators - the Democrat Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Jim Risch, the senior Republican in the same commission, appeared thanks to the lobbying campaign in defense of the defendants in our country, businessmen Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi. In the summer of 2020, another American publication, Politico, announced that Bobokovi had hired the lobbying company Alexandria Group International of the former America diplomat Marshall Harris's in connection with accusations against them for import of hazardous waste from Italy and their burial in Bulgaria. According to the information, the initial term of the contract was six months, but it seems to have been extended. The bulletin with lobbying news of the Foreign Lobby Report states that the statement of Senators Menendez and Risch for Bulgaria was preceded by a video conference held on February 22 with former US diplomats in Bulgaria. The participation of the two influential senators was ensured by Bobokovi's lobbyist.

"The discussion was organized by Marshall Harris, whose Alexandria Group International lobbies on behalf of Bulgarian businessmen, subject to criminal charges that they claim are fabricated," the paper said. Harris himself confirmed to Foreign Lobby Report that former US ambassadors to Bulgaria James Pardew and Roderick Moore were involved in the conversation with the senators. Pardew and Moore's presence in Harris's campaign in defense of Bobokovi is not surprising, given their long acquaintance. While active diplomats, all three have professional commitments at almost the same time in the Balkans. Moore was even Pardew's deputy for a time while he headed the US mission in Sofia, and in 2015 he was interim governor. It is noteworthy that after several years of absence from public life in our country, shortly after hiring an American lobbying company from Bobokovi, the respected diplomat James Pardew gave several interviews and published an author's article in foreign and Bulgarian media in which he expressed the same critical remarks as in the position of both Senators Menendez and Risch.

Described by the Foreign Lobby Report as a "successful" lobbying action in defense of Bobokovi in the US Senate, coincides with the time when the two brothers and their accomplices, including former Deputy Environment Minister Krassimir Zhivkov, received the accusations from the Specialized Prosecutor's Office on the Garbagegate affair. The case is extremely interesting because it turned out that the Italian prosecutor’s office “Antimafia” was also involved in the investigation, and three of the alleged accomplices of Bobokovi have already pleaded guilty and are ready to testify about the committed violations.

The brothers Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi are not the only clients with problems with justice of the lobbying company Alexandria Group International. Another publication of the Foreign Lobby Report shows that Marshall Harris has been hired as a lobbyist for another famous Bulgarian businessman – the alcoholic boss Minyu Staykov. There are two cases against Staykov before the Specialized Criminal Court. One of which is fraud with European Union funds.

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