How Hristo Ivanov wants to return Zhivkov's constitution

How Hristo Ivanov wants to return Zhivkov's constitution

It took more than six years for the co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov, to carry out one of his dreams - to submit proposals for changes to the Constitution, the adoption of which would eliminate the independence of the judiciary, at least as far as the Prosecution is concerned. Ivanov is so quick to make this dream come true that even before the first parliamentary bell rang, the amendments were made to the office of the new National Assembly so that the party leader could boast to his constant number of voters with a fulfilled promise.

But what does Hristo Ivanov offer? Basically nothing new, even less revolutionary. On the contrary, as for the Prosecutor General, Ivanov, whose last name is actually Boykikev (an old communist family), wants the return of texts taken one-on-one from the Constitution adopted in 1971 or known in legal and historical circles as Zhivkov's constitution. Art. 78, item 16 of the 1971 Constitution reads: "Elects and dismisses the State Council, the Council of Ministers, the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor General of the People's Republic" reports to the National Assembly. The same proposal was submitted by Boykikev (Ivanov) on Thursday.

To submit such proposals on the eve of the celebrations of the Constitution and the Lawyer’s Day - April 16, shows only unhealthy political populism, heavy behind-the-scenes dependencies and Bolshevik ideological longings.

So much for the historical references and ideological longings of the "right" political formation "Democratic Bulgaria”, because behind their ideas for legislative changes there are really far more serious risks.

The goal of Ivanov's puppet masters and the members of the parliamentary group of 27 MPs are well known - to ensure complete inaccessibility for investigations into corruption, tax and other preliminary measures carried out at the expense of the budget and other public organizations, including through privatization.

What, if not dependence on the political proxies of the oligarchy in the National Assembly, is the proposal for the deputies to elect and dismiss "Prosecutor №1"?

Among other things, this would make the Prosecution a political factor, dependent entirely on the parliamentary majority, which would trample on all the principles of democratic development and completely eliminate the independence of the judiciary. Something that is considered an achievement of the Bulgarian Constitution adopted three decades ago.

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