Is a Russian active conspiracy taking place against Bulgaria? This time through Brussels*

Is a Russian active conspiracy taking place against Bulgaria? This time through Brussels*
Georgi Gotev

The suspicions that another Russian active event is taking place against Bulgaria are imposed at the moment when the development of the case and the details of its placement in certain Bulgarian media are traced by extremely dependent persons. What do the facts show?  It all started with a publication in the electronic edition "Euractive" in the course of unfinished procedure for selection of European delegated prosecutors, nominated by Bulgaria. Shortly after the publication in "Euractive" appeared, the name of the person they cited as a source was removed - the head of Laura Kovesi's cabinet Milan Jaron.

Today, his name no longer appears, but the original publication where he is present is kept in Google's cache, as well as in other sites that have reprinted the material of "Euractive". Somebody is trying to generate a European scandal, given that so far it is only a matter of requested information.

The name of the "source" Milan Jaron, head of Coveschi's cabinet, appeared in the initial post, stored in Google's cache

The name of the "source" Milan Jaron, head of Coveschi's cabinet has been removed in the edited publication and can no longer be found today

Let's see who is one of the main drivers of this attack against Bulgaria and the candidates for European prosecutors nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council. The person's name is Georgi Gotev, a former journalist at the Sega newspaper (published by Sasho Donchev) and for a period of time deputy editor-in-chief of the Brussels-based electronic publication "Euractive", which works in partnership with the Sega newspaper.

This should automatically raise doubts that Donchev's severely damaged interests in the gas business are undoubtedly a generator of insistent pathos against the Prosecution Office, which is being traced in the publication.

The decision of the Commission on the files for Georgi Gotev as an agent "Ivanov" of VGU-DS

Second fact - Georgi Gotev is not indifferent to those totalitarian services, which, according to Todor Zhivkov, were a branch of the KGB in Bulgaria. According to Decision № 111 / 17.02.2010 of the Dossier Commission, Georgi Gotev was an agent of the Second Main Directorate of the Dark State Security, under the pseudonym "Ivanov". Note that he worked in the line of "foreign journalists", that is, he listened to colleagues from abroad. Even that alone would be enough for the guild to play it in another country. Here, not only do they last him, but they even assist him and participate in his conspiracies against the country and the Prosecution Office.

The State Security Service of Socialist Bulgaria (SSS) archive is even more ruthless towards the past of Georgi Gotev and the SSS family dependencies. It turns out that his father, Goran Georgiev Gotev, also a journalist, was a staff member of the First General Directorate of State Security, which at the time was called the State Security Committee (KDS). By order № 57 / 28.12.1967 he was admitted to service in Department I (subsequently the First Main Directorate) of the KDS and was appointed as a deputy head, as of 15.10.1967. is a top secret state - the most secret part of the former foreign policy intelligence. He is covered under the name "Georgi Goranov Gotsev".

Order for the appointment of Goran Gotev as head of a department of the top secret state

And now an even more interesting document - Georgi Gotev's father, Goran Gotev, who recently died, in 1973 even rose to deputy head of the top secret department at the First General Directorate of State Security.

Order for the appointment of Goran Gotev as Deputy Head of the Top Secret Department

Is there anyone who reads these lines and can't count 2 + 2? As I had the opportunity to write at the beginning - is this not a foreign active conspiracy that comes from the northeast? And for this purpose to use platforms in which people with long-term family and clan ties with the former services, which were a branch of the Soviets, have an influence? Moscow has every reason in the world to be extremely dissatisfied with the actions of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and SANS (State Agency for National Security- in a period of over a year these 2 Services expulsed 5 (five) Russian diplomats, incl. the military attache. Such a thing has not happened here for almost 80 years - when the Kingdom of Bulgaria and our then counterintelligence smashed the spy Soviet citadel at the Varna Consulate of the Soviets in September 1942. Think!


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